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A Front engine V12 Ferrari with an open top…Do those words remind you of a Daytona Spyder?? Yes, the Superamerica and the Barchetta are the pinnacle of open top V12 Ferraris from the 2001-2005 production. With the introduction of the 550 Maranello in 1996, Ferrari returned to its tradition of building front engined V12 sports cars, resurrecting a line that had remained dormant since the demise of the 365 GTB/4 Daytona in 1974.

In 2004, Ferrari released the Superamerica, a striking and highly innovative convertible version of the 575M Maranello. An extremely limited production car of just 559 examples worldwide, the Superamerica features a unique electro-chromic glass panel roof which rotates 180 degrees to lie flat over the trunk which is adjustable from within the cabin. The work of Pininfarina’s Chief Stylist Leonardo Fioravanti (creator of the legendary Daytona Spyder). It was the first roof of its kind ever fitted to a production car using a carbon fiber frame integrated with electro-chromatic glass. With just the press of a button, the Superamerica can be transformed into a convertible in just 10 seconds.

The 575M Superamerica has become one of the most highly coveted Ferraris of recent times thanks to its rarity, uniquely innovative design and the exhilarating driving experience that can only be experienced by a front engine V12 Ferrari.

This car is in the striking color of Tittanium Silver. It has black leather interior with grey leather accents on the Daytona style seats and contrasting grey stitching throughout the car. It was also ordered with the Interior Carbon Trim Package and Aluminum Brake Calipers. With only 1,800 miles, this car is another concours condition car that has been collector owned from new. It has been fully serviced and comes with all books, tools and service records from new.