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    This immaculate 8,000-mile Speed Yellow, M030 Sport Chassis example is a two-owner collector car from new.

    The 968 looked great in all of the paint colors that were available, but one of the most desirable colors by far in the 968 market is Speed Yellow. The reason is most likely the combination of rarity and how great it looks on the car.

    By the time production ceased on the North American 968, only 10 cabriolets and 10 coupes had been painted in L12G, making them quite a rare sight today. So rare, in fact, that they have their own page on the 968 Registry.

    This 968 is made ever rarer because of the M030 Sport Chassis option. Only 99 North American 968 coupes were produced with the M030 Sport Chassis option. This suspension and brake upgrade was available only on the coupe. The M030 equipped 968 provided the driver with incredible handling characteristics that showed it was ready for any racetrack.

    The M030 option cost $2,017 and included the following upgraded components over the standard equipped 968:

    • Koni dampening- and height-adjustable front struts and 160lb springs
    • 30mm hollow front swaybar (replaces 26.8mm solid bar)
    • Koni dampening-adjustable rear shocks with 160lb springs (note: the rear of the car is height-adjustable by the eccentric setup)
    • 19mm 3-setting adjustable rear sway bar (replaces 16mm bar)
    • 17” wheels (the same wheels that were optional on all 968s for each corresponding model year)
    • Front steering spindles and hubs
    • Front 4-piston calipers (44mm & 36mm pistons) found on the 928 S4, 944 Turbo S, and M030-equipped 944 S2
    • 304mm x 32mm Cross drilled rotors, front and rear, with special pads
      • Note: the cross-drill holes are in the casts, making them much less susceptible to cracking than aftermarket cross-drilled rotors

    Factory Options:

    • XK7 Alternate color leather shifter knob (Spd Yellow, 09991 exclusive pkg)
    • 030 Sport chassis (includes 17” wheels)
    • 220 Limited slip
    • 231 Choice of tires
    • 331 AM/FM Cassette w/2 door speakers
    • 383/387 Sport seats/driver/passenger
    • 398 17” Cup2 wheels (part of 030 Sport chassis)
    • 423 Cassette container and coin box
    • 425 Rear wiper
    • 454 Automatic speed control
    • 595 Painted rear spoiler
    • 718 P & R program VIN change for May 1993 (USA & Canada)
    • 09991 Exclusive package
    • 18101 Door panels in alternate color
    • Sunroof