1987 Porsche 928 S4

Vehicle Information
Mileage: 39,000 Exterior Color: Venetian Blue
Transmission: 32 valve, 316 hp, V-8 manual Interior Color: Marine Blue Leather Interior

Everything about the 928S4 is larger than life. It is faster than anything you’ve ever driven on the street. It is better looking than anything you’ve ever been seen in. It is quicker than a cat and sturdier than a tank. It is deliciously appointed and fabulously expensive. In a word it is just beautiful. From its massive controls to its laser handling, from its wrenching acceleration to its throbbing deceleration, the 928 S4 design far surpasses the performance envelope of other road machinery that it creates a league of its own. With revamped bodywork front and rear, refined aerodynamics, and newly fattened 32 valve V-8 power curve, Porsche has reassembled its flagship sportscar in a form that defines today’s ultimate road weapon. The 928S4 is so fast, capable and comfortable that it creates a new mythology for the German marque. The S4 is the Paul Bunyan of the Autobahn. Able to stop as quickly as it goes (0 to 60 to 0 in 9 seconds), it wields its wicked double-edged axe with awesome zeal. The extraordinary 32 valve, 316 hp, 303 cubic inch V-8 is what the S4 is really all about.

Should you question whether any means of ground transportation, no matter how fast or awesome looking, is worth nearly $70,000, your answer will come from two sources.  One is the amount of satisfaction you derive from piloting this snarky vehicle.  The other is the undisguised adulation of the traveling public.  In both areas, the S4 scores highly indeed.

This ultimate Porsche will afford its owner the security of knowing he has purchased the world’s most competent and dependable high speed tourer.  If he drives it with restraint and cautious enthusiasm, he will never approach the limits of its potential.  If, however, he presses the outer envelope of those limits, he had best be very good and very quick.

An amazing and beautiful 928 S4 that is as new and in national concours condition. The color is a very rare and most striking Venetian Blue with marine blue leather interior. The original owner ordered this car with Automatic transmission,  Side molding with sunroof, Steering wheel with tased hub, Limited Slip Differential, Sport shock absorbers, alarm system, left lumbar support and increased (rear) air conditioning. Needless to say the original owner was a true 928 enthusiast.  He fastidiously retained the car in his personal collection for over 30 years. He then sold it to another fanatic who bought the car in 2017 who decided it was too nice to drive therefore  he drove it less than 2,000 miles during his ownership. He stated he spent more time Q-tipping and cleaning the car than driving it! Yes it is in concours condition despite the 39,000 miles showing on the odometer. There are zero modifications and the car has a complete and fastidious service history file from new which accompanies the original window sticker, books, tools, etc. etc. There is not a nicer example of a 39,000 mil (looks as 3,900 miles) S4 928 Porsche ever offered.