Vehicle Information
Engine: Boxer 6 with 210hp Exterior Color: Light Yellow
Mileage: 78,300KM Interior Color: Black
Transmission: 5-speed Manual VIN: 9113600354

    The Carrera RS Lightweight made extensive use of lightweight materials. Fiberglass was used for the engine cover and front and rear bumpers (Series 2 Touring models had steel rear bumpers). The rear quarter panels were artfully widened to accept wider seven-inch wheels and tires (the front wheels remained six inches wide). What was to become the RS’s trademark feature, the “ducktail” rear spoiler, was added to the engine cover after wind-tunnel testing had demonstrated that it was very effective at increasing high-speed stability by reducing rear-end lift. These very exclusive cars, of which only 200 were produced, scaled only 975 kg, about 100 kg less than the Touring model, which was accomplished through the utilization of thinner-gauge steel for their wings, roof panel, and doors and thinner and lighter (and very expensive) clear glass from the Belgian firm Glaverbel.

    Chassis 9113600354 left the factory in January of 1973 and was shipped through Porsche’s Swiss distributor to a dealer. The entire History of this documented from new car is available upon request. The file is extensive and includes period racing history and detailed photos of the car during its successful racing career including the history of the car after its racing career was finished to the present day of ownership.

    Here is an extremely rare opportunity to acquire what is certainly amongst the finest Carrera RS M471 Lightweights extant, one that has been expertly restored to its original mechanical and cosmetic specification. This was no ordinary restoration due to the fact that the best RS Restorer in the world Mr. Nate Cantwell was chosen for this concours winning restoration. To those of you who know Nate Cantwell nothing else needs to be said. It is without a doubt the finest and most correct RS Porsche restored in the world.