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Choose from our rare Ferraris, vintage Porsches,
and other top-quality European autos


Rare & Exotic Vintage Sports Cars
for Discriminating Collectors

DJM Investments’ unique fleet is the best resource
for building your collection


Exclusive Selection of
Vintage Racecars & Street Cars

Perfectly restored for historical and cosmetic accuracy

DJM Investments

David Mohlman, owner of DJM Investments, has more than 30 years’ experience in buying, collecting, and selling vintage cars. As the owner of DJM Investments, David only buys cars that are fit for his own collection. His love of vintage cars extends to each car’s original intention and configuration – every DJM vehicle is exquisitely maintained and restored to peak historical and cosmetic accuracy.

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Cars For Sale

Are you looking to add to your collection? DJM Investments offers only the highest quality vintage vehicles. Our unique and authentic fleet features the best postwar European racecars, sports cars and collector cars.

“It all boils down to quality. I don’t settle for ‘seconds’ or ‘A-minus’ cars – I only buy cars that I would want for myself. That’s what I pride myself on, and that’s what I built my business on.”

— David Mohlman
Founder & Owner, DJM Investments

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